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New Life & Peace Ministries

Monday, June 14, 2010

Rehoboth Home for Children

The name of the home is based on the scripture Gen: 26: 22. Isaac had dug two wells in the new land and those around him quarreled with him, saying it was theirs. Once he had dug the third well, no one quarreled over it and he named it Rehoboth, saying, “Now the Lord has given us room and we will flourish in the land.” This means a lot to our children. Whereas their parents and others have abandoned them, God has made room for them.

God has so graciously provided a home for these children where they can be nurtured and brought up in the ways of the Lord. These children have been raised in an atmosphere of abuse with little or no family structure. They are malnourished, homeless, and exposed to all kinds of bad situations and people. They hadn’t been loved and were without family guidance. Here at Rehoboth they have loving Christian house parents and an atmosphere of God’s love and security so that they can mature into fine young Christians people.

We have built one home for children in Parramos, Guatemala, and need to build one more for boys 18 and older. This will be a transition house that will give them a more independent life, but also make a smoother transition into adulthood.

We try to keep a healthy balance of school, chores, and play. We have several Guatemalans that come in to help with devotions, recreation, and excursions. They provide much love and care for the children. Many foreign missionaries also interact with the kids and help with these needs. The children attend a local church, Sunday school, and youth group. We also encourage outside activities to help with social skills.

As a non-profit Interdenominational Faith ministry, New Life and Peace Ministries depends on donations from individuals and churches who want to reach the lost for Jesus, help take care of the needy, and bring hope to the hopeless. We have a child sponsor program where an individual, family, or church can be assigned to an individual child. The sponsor gives $30. or $50. a month which helps with the daily needs: housing, warm bed, food, medical, domestic help, house parents. Since we provide complete care for the children more than one sponsor is needed.

What will the relationship between you and your sponsored child?

You will receive a photo and history of your child and you may correspond with your child through postcards and letters. You may also visit when you are in the country. Your child will write to you twice a year and you will receive yearly updates from the staff.


  1. hola Chici, Happy Mothers Day to you, you have been a wonderfu; Mom to so many . please give Eduardo a hug for me and tell him Jesus loves him and Abuela does to. I pray to see him soon. I love that child and I will never give up on him as long as I am on this earth. In His Love Bobbi

    1. Chici I want to sponser Eduardo Randolfo Quiora. How can I get the funds to you since I am in Guatemala and have no bank here. Also when can I visit Eduardo , I miss him so much. in His Love